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The Story Of My Life
burn normal to abnormal parents
exposed to cancer: carcinogen television
exposed to god: carcinogen religion
exposed to faith: carcinogen girlfriend

dont ever tell me anything
ill never need to know
know your words not the final truth,
its all i need to know

purge the sin from this swollen body
flush the sin into my past
exposed to knowledge: carcinogen schools
exposed to love: carcinogen fools

ive paid the rent to live in hell
ive learnd to love the cancer cell
attack the rotten stinking soul
and all the love ive come to know
disguised as care in the form of abuse
they tried to kill my spirit
there is nothing to lose
so burn my life out once and for all
i hear laughter through the flames
as i watch myself fall

purge the words
from this tongue disease
if i swaollow my words
i become the world

every morning is another disease
every mistake is destroying my need to live
out my life in peace:
away with all the disease

there is no god to hear my prayers
but here they are for your own enjoyment:
free me from this hell
strike down my enemies with disease
let me death be gentle
bring this world to its fucking knees
free my soul from guilt
raise my spirit from the wheel of life

save me from myself
save me from myself
save me from myself
save me from myself
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