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Everything I Want It To Be
in my pictures i feel safety in my hands in my eyes in my soul in our house

craving greed for the vices for this i cant seem to bring myself to bring my heart into the fray

into the conflict i want most to be a believer in my dreams not the words that peolpe say to bring me down from my positions in the sky

feeling free as the darkness fills my mind until im blind to the leeches and the fakirs who love sunshine

runaway into the trees taking cover from any given stimulus that could drown my positions in the sky

little kittens so innocent screaming for one more sip of milk i collapse for i have none and yet milk is everything i want them to have

leave me squirming for my milk for my leeches and another bad excuse to end my world to end my pain to end everything i wanted to be

i am melting into another dimension of fear where the reason seem so clear for my wanting you to be here

for you to be here with me now is

everything i want it to be
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