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you die you dirty little sucker
you sucked it all out of me
picked the peynuts out of my shit
show me hell and heaven
and all the rest of your bull-fuck
im coming
oh god look at me

look at me
you pound the nail in my cross
christ informed me youre my diarrhea boss
i crapped my pants
i came in my jeans
fucking sucking itching killing
any mother fucking thing
im coming
oh god
look at me

fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck

i ran you over way truck full of cum
i burn you in my fire of love
oh jesus weasel fucking sucking god
i wanna see you
i wanna fuck you

oh jesus wet mother
i cut you like a puppy
i worshipped you when i was sick
now you can suck my fucking big irish dick
now who are you to say you are god?
fuck you up fuck you slow
fuck you up fuck you slow

you are so sweat for me
you are so kind
when i see you nacked next to me
i hope i find you dead
oh marry marry marry marry
please just fuck to die
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