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Just Let Go
creating the sickness wasnt difficult
if only see through my lines
you knew i would never suffer
but who held the chalice, and who had the malice?

you could never see trough the dark
not like me with my x-ray visions
i saw your shallowness in the light of day
and the lies in everything what you say

but i never seemed to think
that any of this would matter
i punctured my flesh, i jumped into the stream
i went over the falls for a ten minute dream

the years spilled by as dark as the beer
the bloody water wash never did become clear
and it tore apart the me from you
your nose was bleeding, my arms black and blue

the final moments were not a surprise
laughter evaded my bloodshot eyes
as convulsed on that hardwood floor
i did my best to make me no more

you stole my shit and i stole your life
you cut out your soul with a cocaine knife
absorbed in your membranes, dripping in your stream
to float you away on a ten minute dream

it has to make sense for you somehow
seeing is believing if you have blinders on
you only care about whats on the road
ignoring the trees
please, please, please just let go

just let go
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