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I Really Care
the secret is in slowing down time
god, why dont you just kill me?
life was woth living in yesterdays flintstones
god, why dont you just please kill me?
i can maintain as long as i die

i stare and look right through golden trees
he hides and avoids my evil glare
i will give up this lifetime of love
to find my little tunnel out of here

i really care

rip away bark and destroy the tree
slap away humans all biting my face
its hard to believe i fucked up again

i really care somewhere in here
i really care, do you believe me you stupid fuckers?

from the forthcoming book psycho the clown
by itchy

7. stare the child

burn it
save it from
some early sympathy
the ultimate gesture
of pity
see the genius
fall in its face
at an early age
watch it fall
for its entire life
dont bother with therapy
or any modern convenience
just get it over
spare some one
like i should have been
if i was
you would not now
have these stupid words to read

8. crack the shell

oozing out little lives
alcoholic patchwork
disintegrating traditions
who is weak?
not the dreamer
but the television viewer
looking to have their thoughts
laid out for them
like your clothes when you were young
the dreamer only fails
when failing to recognize
the occasionat stumble
and the times to cry
just dope in your eyes
sent to god
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