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Lucky To Be Alive
you are lucky to be alive
singing a song of sixpence
you are lucky to be alive
you got a pocket full of pain
dirty needles in your arm
and spoonful of fun and games
catching a glimpse of youself in the mirror
whoever that is
he is lucky to be alive

youre alone in reallity
no daddy is there to lead you by the hand
giving in to canine dignity
but no one is willing to lick you in the face
out of money before you are out of dreams
thats nothing a pint of guinnes cannot fix
then once-in-a while
becomes once a little too often
and your dreams become a waking memory

you are lucky to be alive
jack be nimble jack be quick
you are lucky to be alive
jack burned his crack on the candlestick
psychadelic diarrhea clouding up my brain
spilling into my life, leaving a permanent stain
but im lucky to be alive

killing yourself
with poisonous self-contempt
drowning yourself in a bottle of dry white wine
life is good as long as you are not at home
to answers the knock of opportunity at your door
a little lsd and a whole lot of pain
will make that big 10-gauge start to look pretty damn good
dont kill yourself you are lucky to be alive
and just think when when you die of a old age
you might be able to sneak into gods very own heaven

dont kill yourself
you are lucky to be alive
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