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Shock Therapy
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Shock Therapy
Shock Therapy jam rag talks with greg (itchy) and tex from shock therapy

Were on the Fundamental/Red Rhino label, which is based out of London. Our first and second albums are both selling in Europe right now. Weve sold between six and eight thousand copies of the album. In the states, the first album is no longer available, and the second is only a limited release. Our music tends to be a little too intense, or possibly a little more intelligent than the people in the United States ... well they dont understand the music.So we sell very, very well in Europe, but not as well in the United States. But were doing okay here.

The new album is called "My Unshakeable Belief". I have real musicians on this record. On the first one, I had to do all the keyboard parts , all the singing, all the drum programming, and literally half the guitar work. Most of it is me. Everyone else was either inept, or too drunk to do their parts. But on the second album, i got real musicians.

My favorite song on the new album is "AntiCommincation". Its the first song I ever wrote on the synthesizer, back in 1981. Its just all ways been in the back of my mind. Ive always wanted to record it. People who follow Shock Therapy, still remember it.
I like "Just One More Thing". Its got a great guitar solo, its got a got beat, and you can dance to it.

The drummer weve got in the band now, Ted...hes probably the best drummer in Detroit, probably in the United States. Ive known Ted for six or seven years. The current band has been together for about four months. Were going on tour, to Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. Well begone for about four weeks.
A lot of dates.

Its going to be a lot of work. Its going to be hard, its hard to sing everyday, the way i sing. It will be about twenty shows. It was areal pleasure to play at Bookies. They were nice people, they treadted us well. God bless them.
Ive got nothing bad at all to say about Bookies. They ran a real professional show, treated us well, and they paid as well. In fact, I think they are wonderful people. Were looking forward to playing there again.

I dont use drugs, I never use drugs. I have an occesional beer, two is my limit. Keith, in saying what he did about me, was reacting harshly to sad situation.Keith tries very hard to play guitar. God bless him. He trys very hard, but his fingers just seem to say no.
Drugs are nono. This is not a booze-and-broads operation. We think its a damn shame that society has gotten to the point that doctors will prescribe those kinds of drugs to their patients, instead of letting your body heal yourself.

Buy our record, close your eyes, lay back, listen to the music, heal yourself. No, Ive done a lot of acid in my time. Ive been known to take over five or six hits at a time, but i think it it would be a terrible thing to tell somebody, "Drugs arent that bad, go ahead and try it once". You can say that about any drugs. "Try this crack, it wont hurt you, stick this needle in your arm, it just leaves a little mark". So Id hate to be the advocate, or endorser of any drug use.
I take a lot of antacids. The most beautiful part of this interview is that we havent said the word nigger, queer...

(laughs) ...Jew...

...fag; wait, nigger, queer, Jew, fag...

We havent said any of those words. We have nothing against anybody. We love the world, the world love us.
We love this town. They know us here, they love us here.

I can be very outspoken at time, and people dont seem to always take me seriously. But what strikes me is, no matter what anyone has said about me or Tex, they cant say anything about the way we play, they cant say anything about the draw that our band has, or they cant say anything about the talent in the band, because thats one thing: you cant hide talent. Were an underground band, but were a band that people canot ignore. theres not one person, not one punk rocker, new waver... I dont know, whatever the fuck theyre called now, theyve all got new littles now, ...whoever they are, anyone whos into new music, theyve all heard of Shock Therapy. Everyone knows how we are. They might love us, they might hate us, we bring many a laugh and tear. But they cant ignore us. Were just a great band. Were good. Out of thy fifty or sixty shit bands in this city, Ill be brave enough to say that just about any band another then us, is a piece of shit...
No, you cant say that, theres still Scott Campbell.

Were a great band. Thats about it. You cant argue with talent.
I listen to Scott Campbell at home. We usually listen to Jerry Vile, Scott Campbell...

Why are you even giving those people recognition ?
Because theyre so good, theyre real good...

Theyre a bunch of assholes , who expect things like that. I listen to Ministry, anything by AL jorgensen, Revolting Cocks...
Foetus, Swand, Cure, Killing Joke, Three johns, Gang of Four. A lot of the music we listen to might be dated, but Id rather listen to something dated thats really good than something modern thats just like muzak.

I listen to a lot of classical music. I was classicaly trained at the piano. Im still very, very good atBeethovens favorite. Im very adept at any of his piano concerios. Bach is also very big on my list.
Wagner, Paganini, Rossini, Tchaikovsky

The italians tried to play classical, but they could only copy what the masters did.
They invented music at we know it. They named it, they named the notes...

In a large way, what the masters accomplished, reflects "Shock Therapys" road of existence, the path that were traveling.Take Mozart or Beethoven for instance, they were not accepted at first.
shit, Mozart died in the shithouse.

But its only after, that people recognize...
Anybody that does something out of the ordinary, or something thats just a step further, especially if its real truthful; if its something that bites back, then nobody wants to hear it. They want to stay inside their own little game, wear their own little, fucking clown mask. Go out in public and act as if theyre better, when they cant even stand to look at themselves in the mirror. We might be uggly, grizzly, and a lot of other things that people can say about us, but at least we know how we are, were not ashamed about it. We dont have to put on some stupid show, or appeal to our peers, whoever the fuck they are.

We feel no need to shave our head, I dont have to wear a dress, or put eye makeup on. Im a little tired, actually, of playing, and a little bit tired of the whole ball of wax that goes with being in a band. We were thinking of starting an all synthesizer, offshoot group called "The Bad Trip Rescue Squad".
We were even thinking of starting a community switchboard, where if youre having a bid trip, you could call, and wed talk you down. We were going to call it "Gulding Light". Like that little light at the end of the tunnel, when everything turns black, and the hallucinations become a little bit to intense, you can call us up.

As long as people hate me, Ill make money (laughs). Everybody, all the bands in Detroit, God bless you, try harder.
You can shine my shoes, but youll never fill them.

Gregory John (Itchy) McCormick
Richard (Tex) Newman
Bill McNeil / Ted Meek / Tom Buckley
17007 W. Warren, Detroit, MI 48228
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