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Release Heaven And Earth
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Release Heaven And Earth
The brainchild of a disturbed 19 year-old, Shock Therapy was created in 1984 by lead singer/guitarist/synthesist Gregory John McCormick A.K.A. ,Itchy. After spending an influential period of his teenage years in the care of psychiatric institutions, Itchy channelled pent-up aggressions creatively in his early adult life to what is now the most original, raw underground music group in existence today. Critics and fans alike cannot argue- no band does what Shock Therapy does, has done and continues to do in the studio or on the stage. The first release of Shock Therapy in 1985 was the self-titled 6-song EP which featured the huge underground cult-classic "Hate Is A 4-Letter Word". After touring the USA as a headline act throughout 1985 and early 86, the band was informed of the first EPs success in Europe. The rest is history. Shock Therapy gave up touring in the USA altogether in favor of the more esoteric European audiences. Many band-members took up residence in Germany, the center of the then-rising industrial-techno-punk sound of the late 198Os - the sound that was virtually pioneered by Shock Therapy in their earliest musical releases and stage performances. After six successful tours throughout Europe from 1986 through 1992 singer Itchy once again turned his eyes toward home. Drummer Clif Hill returned to the USA and missing peices of the band were replaced. The newest musical release of Shock Therapy began production on January 1, 1993. The new CD is titled "Heaven and Earth" and features the tribal, live, post-alternative sound with the same self-explorative lyrics that are so famous on the previous eight CDs and albums of Shock Therapy. Release date for the new Shock Therapy CD "Heaven and Earth" was January 1994.

NOW: In December 1994 SHOCK THERAPY present an album that is a retrospective of a very special manner. SANTAS LITTLE HELPER: RARITIES, ODDITIES AND FESTIVE DISEASES. Its a Christmas gift to their long standing fans. Unreleased songs from 1987 to 1994 were compiled and surely you can say, it is the strangest collection of SHOCK THERAPY-material, that was ever released.

In Februar/March 1995 is the release date for a new Shock Therapy EP, title: LOVE & PUNISHMENT. This release will show that SHOCK THERAPY still is one of the vital and innovative groups on this planet. WATCH OUT ! In spring 1995 the new SHOCK THERAPY album THE MOON AND THE SUN. Tours of Europe and the USA are scheduled for the spring and fall of 1995.

Current members of Shock Therapy: Original members
Gregory John McCormick (Itchy): Lead vocals, Synthesizers, Guitar
Cliff Hill: Drums
Eric Hoskins: Bass
Wes Beech: Guitar


Shock Therapy (1985) Fundamental/Play it Again Sam. [vinyl]
My Unshakeable Belief (1986) Fundamental/Play it Again Sam [vinyl, CD, cassette]
Touch Me And Die (1987) Fundamental/Play it Again Sam [vinyl, CD, cassette]
Cancer (1989) Play it Again Sam [vinyl, CD]
Hate Is A 4-Letter Word (1990) Dossier [CD]
The Great Confuser (1991) Dossier [vinyl, CD]
Adventures In Good Music (1992) Dossier [CD]
Just Let Go: The Dark Years (1992) Dossier [CD]
The Many Faces Of hate (1993) Dossier [CD]
Heaven And Earth (1993) Dossier [CD]
Santas Little Helper (1994) Psycho Clown/A.M. Music [CD]

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