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X-tinct Extermination Of A Generation
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X-tinct Extermination Of A Generation
Generation is almost dead.

Dolphin, the beautiful psychic. raven, the vengeful warrior. lief, the tree-hugging sap. naill, the bad-ass amateur pothead. bobby tilton, the nightmare punk from a generation of losers.

They are the last survivers of an x-tinct race. they are at war with an anonymous enemy.

When gangleader bobby targets handsome and succesful real-estate agent thunder goldberg as the killer of his best friend, his whole world begins to fall apart. he watches his friends die and his mind crack. he is deluded about life, love, friendship and justice.

Superfly supercop john holmes is on the crime. he is convinced bobby killed nail, and he wants to put him away so bad he can taste it.

Chachi the enterprising dope dealer wants his money at any cost; monitary, human, or otherwise.

The bartfly ray seeks his juicy own special version of justice.

Bobby, the ticking time-bomb, takes on his world in a psychotic unrelenting war. can he win with suxh impossible odds ? will justice be serve for the death of his friend ? can he win the battle within himself, and if so can he come out the winner when he himself is such a loser ?

With the soundtrack by genius music producer and singer itchy wiggle christ, the music of shock therapy, lab animals, the motor dolls and other detroiter musical artists, this film ttakes the viewer into a monstrously vivid and sordid world of insanity drugs, sex, and death. director michele pacitto succesfully present the dark realism behind the relatively unknowwn detroit punck-rock unterground. what you see is what is real. what you see you will make you never want to visit detroit, for fear of meeting people like bobby tilton or chachi the drug dealer, or perhaps losing your life at the hands of maniacs such that are shown in the film.

Detroit, where the weak are killed and eaten for fun. this film is about the death of a generation. this film is for the new breed of generation x.
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